Actionable Insights With RetailGo.

Create zones with a simple UI

See shopper behavior by product or within a zone.

Retail managers can set up zones based on signage or adjust products after a refresh. Our simple UI empowers the users to customize their layout quickly and allows for a detailed understanding of how changes impact foot traffic and flow.

Stop Guessing. Data Doesn’t Lie.

Get your key metrics at a glance. Quickly understand dwell time, unique visits and other KPI’s by product category or zone. No more guesswork at work.

Have you ever refreshed product, changed the angle of your displays or changed a window display? What did that really do to your conversion? Have you been in a meeting and had to give an educated guess about how changes may have impacted your store? Well, now you can make educated statements and data driven decisions.

Organized and easy to use.

With a few clicks of the trackpad you instantly begin tracking shopper behavior.

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    Numbers at a glance

    See visits, dwell time, product popularity, and traffic patterns.

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    Search by date

    See the data in real time or historically either in our UI or yours via API.

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    See what's working by color

    Heat maps by zone, product or general traffic patterns.

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